Find inspiration, joy, and support all designed to celebrate girls being girls.

    More than a community of #girlmoms, we are a sisterhood who believes in celebrating the joy and preserving the innocence of childhood, and in particular, the love of girlhood. We are movement all about helping keep a little girl, a little girls and to help moms rediscover the joy in motherhood because happy, strong moms raise happy, strong daughters.

    Why Matilda Jane Clothing

    Matilda Jane Clothing is a unique brand that provides age-appropriate, fashionable clothing for babies, young girls, tweens and even moms! By shopping at Girlhood Cultivated, you and your daughter will help further our mission to keep little girls, little girls.

    There are a few benefits that come with Matilda Jane Clothing, including:

    1. No slogans or catchphrases. Matilda Jane Clothing invests in age-appropriate, versatile pieces so you can be comfortable and confident providing them to your daughter.
    2. High-quality clothing. All of our clothing pieces are designed with premium fabric and stitching to ensure they will last for a long time.
    3. Unbeatable style. With bright colors and adorable designs, our clothes will make you and your daughter happy with her outfit each day.

    By shopping for clothes at Girlhood Cultivated, you and your daughter will rediscover the joy on childhood in searching through her wardrobe. Shop with Girlhood Cultivated today.

    About Girlhood Cultivated

    Marriah Cummins created Girlhood, Cultivated as a community where moms can celebrate raising daughters, and rediscover joy in motherhood. She shares her own journey with losing her innocence at a young age, battling depression and anxiety while raising 5 children under 6, and healing from an unexpected pregnancy and subsequent life threatening miscarriage in the hopes that other moms will know they are not alone.

    And despite these trials, Marriah, like all mothers, loves her children fiercely. Equipping women with courses that give moms blueprints to their own authentic life, offering VIP 1-1 coaching sessions designed to empower moms to step into their true momhood, and shopping with Matilda Jane Clothing, Girlhood, Cultivated is here to celebrate girls young and old, and to help mothers everywhere know they are not alone... and there is happiness, peace, and joy on the other side.

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