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More than a community of #girlmoms, we are a sisterhood who believes in celebrating the joy and preserving the innocence of childhood, and in particular, the love of girlhood. We are a movement all about keeping a little girl, a little girl and helping moms rediscover the joy in motherhood because...

...happy, strong moms raise happy, strong daughters.

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Raising strong, confident girls in today's society is a daunting, and seemingly overwhelming task, do you feel inadequate? 

Are you a mom who is overwhelmed, underwater, and operating every day in survival mode?

Do you feel paralyzed with anxiety, the feeling of always having to be "on", and that you're going to break under the pressure of raising children in our culture?

Mama, are you a girl who grew up too fast? Have you healed from your own past? Do you desire real freedom so your daughters' don't inherit your wounds?

Do you want to re-ignite the passion in your marriage and develop a healthy relationship pattern for your children to follow? 

Finally, do you want to discover joy in motherhood again?

Sign up for courses, one-on-one coaching sessions, and join communities all designed to help you step into your true momhood and help keep your little girl, a little girl. 

The Latest

Marriah Cummins created Girlhood, Cultivated as a community where moms can celebrate raising daughters and rediscover joy in motherhood.

She shares her own journey making peace with her past, battling depression and anxiety while raising 5 children under 6, and healing from an unexpected pregnancy and subsequent life-threatening miscarriage in the hopes that other moms will know they are not alone.

Girlhood, Cultivated is here to celebrate girls young and old, and to help mothers everywhere know they are not alone... and that there is happiness, peace, and joy on the other side. We equip moms with blueprints to their own authentic life by offering courses and VIP 1:1 coaching sessions designed to empower women to step into their true momhood. 

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