1:1 Discovery Call

Oftentimes as moms, we just feel "stuck". If you can relate, and what to figure out how to move forward, schedule a 50 minute, 1:1 Discovery Call with Marriah to pinpoint your struggles, what the impact is in your life, your marriage, and family, and come out with a plan of action. Choose between a simple phone call, or face-to-face conversation via Zoom, and you'll be able to share your story, journey through simple exercises designed to uncover emotional and physically barriers, and leave with a clear picture of your next step in your motherhood and marriage journey. 

Total Value: $150

Your Investment: Completely free, our gift to you!

3 Month 1:1 Private Client Package

Our 3 Month Mentorship and Coaching Program is designed for mothers who feel "stuck" in motherhood, raising children, their marriage and are seeking guidance on their next steps!

During this program, we will work together to tackle the lies you hold and truths to overcome them, healing from your past, and arriving at a place of gratitude.

After our sessions, you will walk away feeling empowered and have tools to combat anxiety, perfectionism, depression and finally be free to become the mother you were designed to be. 

  • Unlimited 50 minute 1:1 phone calls (valued at $1800)
  • Unlimited text and voice messaging through Voxer (valued at $600)
  • Personalized journaling prompts (valued at $200)

Total Value: $2600

Your Investment: $1200 (paid in full) or 3 monthly payments of $500

6 Month 1:1 Client Package

Our 6 month program includes all of the above, but dives deeper and is designed specifically for moms who may be experiencing

  • Marriages on the brink of divorce
  • Past traumas or choices that continue to haunt them
  • Coping mechanisms to deal with stress are harmful to both them and their families (alcohol, food, excessive exercise, substances, etc.)
  • Days filled with anxiety, nights and mornings filled with regret
  • Stress beyond comprehension, who feel overwhelmed, and underwater, with no one to help.

I get you, and I see you Mama. I was there not long ago, and while it is okay to not be okay, it is not okay to stay there. I can get you out and get you living with the freedom and joy you deserve.

Total Value: $5200

Your Investment: $2000 (paid in full) or 6 monthly payments of $400

Group Coaching Programs

These programs are offered in form of "bundles" for those who prefer more independent and collaborative work! These programs are offered on a quarterly basis and more information on current and future offers can be found here.

  • Currently, we are offering "Tis the Season: How to have a joy-filled holiday season without losing your shizz" More information is below!
  • Next group coaching will begin in January, called "New Year, HEALED Me". This is designed to transform your outlook on New Year's Resolutions from one of outward goals (i.e. lose 20 lbs, stop with the carbs, calm down the wine), to inner transformation, the why behind our bad habits. 

Introducing "Tis the Season" Holiday Bundle!

Want to cultivate a magical holiday season? Well Mama, you have to be intentional! We can help you with our exclusive "Tis the Season: The Modern Mama's Guide to a Joy-Filled Holiday Season Without Losing Your Shiz". In this bundle, you'll receive straight to your inbox tips, hacks, inspiration, and humor to not only survive Thanksgiving and Christmas, but thrive and building lasting memories and traditions with your family. 

In addition to printables and resources, you'll be enrolled in an online group with coaching sessions surrounding the toughest topics we encounter over the holidays (navigating the in-laws anyone?) and support from fellow moms just like you, so you know you don't have to go through it alone. 

 Total Value: $800

Your Investment: $149

Contact us to see which program is the best match for you!