1:1 Discovery Call

Oftentimes as moms, we just feel "stuck". If you can relate, and what to figure out how to move forward, schedule a 20 minute, 1:1 Discovery Call with Marriah to pinpoint your struggles, what the impact is in your life, your marriage, and family, and come out with a plan of action. Choose between a simple phone call, or face-to-face conversation via Zoom, and you'll be able to share your story, journey through simple exercises designed to uncover emotional and physically barriers, and leave with a clear picture of your next step in your motherhood and marriage journey. 

Total Value: $150

Your Investment: Completely free, our gift to you!

3 Month 1:1 Private Client Package

Our 3 Month Mentorship and Coaching Program is designed for mothers who are overwhelmed, underwater, and feel on the verge of a mental breakdown. 

During this program, we will work together to tackle the lies you hold and truths to overcome them, healing from your past, and arriving at a place of gratitude and freedom. You will walk away feeling empowered and have tools to combat anxiety, perfectionism, depression and finally be free to become the mother you were designed to be. 

  • Unlimited 50 minute 1:1 phone calls (valued at $2000)
  • Unlimited text and voice messaging through Voxer (valued at $1000)
  • Personalized journaling prompts (valued at $200)

Total Value: $3200

Your Investment: $2000 (savings of $1200!)

6 Month 1:1 Client Package

Our 6 month program includes all of the above, dives deeper, and yields the best results. This program is for mothers who may have:

  • Marriages on the brink of divorce
  • Past traumas or choices that continue to haunt them
  • Coping mechanisms to deal with stress are harmful to both them and their families (alcohol, food, excessive exercise, substances, etc.)
  • Days filled with anxiety, nights and mornings filled with regret
  • Stress beyond comprehension, who feel overwhelmed, and underwater, with no one to help.

I get you, and I see you Mama. I was there not long ago, and while it is okay to not be okay, it is not okay to stay there. I can get you out and get you living with the freedom and joy you deserve.

Total Value: $6400

Your Investment: $3500

90 Minute Intensive

Need just one session to get unstuck? Book a 90 minute intensive to breakthrough communication breakdowns in your marriage and practical tips to manage anger and resentment.

  • Intake form with questions to streamline the conversation into practical and ACTUAL results! 
  • Choose between one 90 minute conversation or two 45 minute conversations
  • Follow up emails for accountability and support!

Total Value: $300

Your Investment: $200

Contact us to see which program is the best match for you!